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I have had so many compliments on my daughters, and although I would like to take all of the credit for their development, I know that your school has played a big part in who they are and how they act.
I've gone through that whole process of how to find schools and this is just the best that I've seen. She really loves it.
We looked at some of the other private schools in town and for the money, for what they were offering, for what I felt my daughter could get out of it, this was the best choice.

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Welcome to Prep Academy Schools!

Our unique and diverse educational community is built on the philosophy that what goes into the mind of a child comes out in the life of an adult. Through our exclusive Accelerated™ Education Program, we prepare each child from Infants to Full-Day Kindergarten students to be leaders – academically, developmentally and socially – and we instill in each student a confidence and love of learning that is accompanied by high achievement and recognition. Our Accelerated™ Preschool, Pre-K and Full-Day Kindergarten students learn in a creative and loving atmosphere where they are stretched but not pushed and learning is challenging and fun.

The passion for life and learning is a trait shared by our students, teachers and parents.

A child’s early educational experience sets the foundation for their future success. At Prep Academy, our certified, nurturing teachers follow students’ individual needs to help them reach their full potential. Colorful and well-designed classrooms with Smart Boards and iPads available to every student, along with well-equipped computer labs and learning centers, set the stage for exploration, creative development, and stimulate interest and involvement under the watchful eye of highly trained degreed and certified teachers and staff.
Prep Academy offers two beautiful, sophisticated, secure, state-of-the-art campuses in the Dublin and Lewis Center areas which are designed for 21st Century learning.

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